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Archived report: This report was archived March 2006. The convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, IT and consumer electronic markets was offering unprecedented opportunities for those organisations who understood these developments and were able to analyse what will work for them. However, it was obvious that those new opportunities required new business models. New media developments were driven by technology companies that have a vested interest in maintaining their own ‘old’ structure. The lack of change towards new business models was one of the major stumble blocks in the development of a new economic viable market structures.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. The new telco giants
    • 3.1 Back to the ancient marketplaces
    • 3.2 Industry separations
    • 3.3 BT the only shining beacon in the telco world
    • 3.4 So who are the new leaders?
  • 4. Changing telco business Models (analysis)
    • 4.1 Improved results
    • 4.2 Disruptive developments
    • 4.3 Incumbents do need to change
    • 4.4 Competitors need to become more sophisticated
    • 4.5 Urgent need for consolidation
    • 4.6 Content and services explosion
    • 4.7 Trench warfare and guerilla activities
    • 4.8 Business processes
    • 4.9 Customer service
    • 4.10 More costs to cut
  • 5. Mass customisation
    • 5.1 Telcos stuck in commodity marketing
    • 5.2 The collapse of shareholders value
    • 5.3 Focus on (real) customer value
    • 5.4 Back office systems need to be in place
  • 6. New models for the telco industry
    • 6.1 New Media requires integrated MODELS
    • 6.2 Technology based business models
    • 6.3 Key business model moving forwards: Triple play
    • 6.4 Adapt or perish
  • 7. New business models for wider economy
    • 7.1 Economic impact of global changes
    • 7.2 Building new communities
    • 7.3 new opportunities
    • 7.4 Internet business model for New Media services
    • Exhibit 1 – Mass customisation

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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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