Global - Broadcasting - Industry Analyses 2005


This report was archived in May 2006 and has not been updated. Free-to air TV can easily survive for another ten years, but its future after that is not bright. It is so far behind in technology that it is unlikely to be able to catch up with other providers of entertainment and information. Broadband, PCs, game computers DVDs and even mobile phones will reach TV quality by the early 00s. This means that the computer industry will slowly take over the TV momentum from the broadcasting industry. Broadband-based TV is already arriving and advertisers will not hesitate to jump ship and the revenue and programming sources for the broadcasters will slowly start to dry up. Content for the next generation will be vastly different from that of the current generation of traditional TV viewers.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. How to make money in a changing video market
    • 2.1 analysis 2005
    • 2.2 Broadcasting monopolies will crumble
    • 2.3 Tens of thousands of new video services
    • 2.4 New advertising models are overdue
    • 2.5 Why is permission-based not taken seriously?
    • 2.6 We need an innovative media and advertising industry
  • 3. The battle between telecoms and media
    • 3.1 Issues involved in convergence
    • 3.2 World first: Broadcaster and telco merge
  • 4. Is there a future for traditional broadcasters?
    • 4.1 Late adopters of new technolgies
    • 4.2 From TVs to PC-based plasma screens
    • 4.3 Window for change is closing
    • 4.4 Broadcasters don’t own content
    • 4.5 Impact of broadband
    • 4.6 New business models are needed
    • 4.7 So what’s the future?
  • 5. Key issues for media policies - Analysis
    • 5.1 In the wake of convergence
    • 5.2 Common good issues
    • 5.3 The key issues
    • 5.4 Broadcasting or Broadband platforms?
  • 6. Analysis: Access, not content, is King
  • 7. Radical new way to stimulate local content
  • 8. Customer service
  • 9. Related reports

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Last updated 2 May 2006
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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