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Archived report. This report was archived in 2005 and has not been updated. Access to new technologies is expanding the frontiers of radio communications technology dramatically. Personal communications, business data distribution and computer-to-computer communication are only some of the significant areas already in the process of being revolutionised by the new technology. There is also a very slow trend in radio broadcasting to move to digital, delivered either by satellite or the Internet. There are two major technologies available, Digital Audio Broadcasting, and Radio Data Systems, both described elsewhere in the Technology section. Broadband Radio Access Networks are also discussed.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Developments in Radio Technology
    • 2.1 Satellite radio
      • 2.1.1 Dispute with broadcasters
    • 2.2 Internet digital radio
    • 2.3 High definition radio
    • 2.4 Radio and podcasting
      • 2.4.1 Mobile podcasting
    • 2.5 Visual Radio technology
    • 2.6 WiFi radio
    • 2.7 Why I should stay clear of i-Pod
  • 3. Digital radio statistics
    • 3.1 US reports from 2005
    • 3.2 The United Kingdom and USA
  • 4. Digital radio technologies
    • 4.1 Differences between RDS and DAB
    • 4.2 Digital Radio Mondiale
  • 5. Broadband Radio Access Networks
  • 6. Digital radio advertising
  • 7. Related reports
  • Table 1 – US satellite radio penetration – 2003 (actual) – 2010

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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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