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Archived report. This report was archived in January 2005 and has not been updated. With the increased awareness of broadband, cities, regions and communities are starting to understand the social and economic benefits that broadband can bring to their communities. It is therefore of critical importance that cities are taking charge of the development of their knowledge-based environments. A proactive local government is a vital element in the development of broadband, to the point where it can begin to deliver community benefits in education, healthcare, community services, job creation and export. This report introduces the Broadband Agenda that cities should develop and the strategies that should flow on from here.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. Councils around the world are steaming ahead with broadband
    • 3.1 Overcoming obstacles in the US
  • 4. Framework for local government policies
  • 5. Cities are taking charge
  • 6. A visionary approach is needed
  • 7. Significant economic and social benefits
  • 8. The Local Council model
  • 9. The roles of the players
    • 9.1 Vision and cooperation pays off
    • 9.2 Local Government
    • 9.3 The industry
    • 9.4 Broadband operators
  • 10. Outlying areas
    • 10.1 Economic non-viable areas
    • 10.2 Local governments need to be involved
    • 10.3 Councillors and bureaucrats need to be connected first
    • 10.4 Pre-empt political action
    • 10.5 Subsidies?
    • 10.6 Cooperation with operators
  • 11. How to get there?
    • 11.1 Step 1 (always-on, affordable high-speed Internet access)
    • 11.2 Step 2 (content-rich applications)
  • 12. Broadband – a concept not a technology
    • 12.1 The broadband experience
    • 12.2 Broadband will move up to 50Mb/s
  • 13. A city broadband agenda
  • 14. Broadband campaign
  • 15. City marketing
    • 15.1 The concept of Telematica
    • 15.2 Three strategic elements of telematica
    • 15.3 City systems centre
    • 15.4 High-speed communities
  • 16. Examples of tele-cities
  • Exhibit 1 – Key starting-points for local broadbanding
  • Exhibit 2 – Key broadbanding steps
  • Exhibit 3 – Some application bit rates
  • Exhibit 4 – From Kilobit to Terabit

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Last updated 30 Jan 2005
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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