Global - Analysis - The FTTH Market in 2006


Archived report. This report was archived in 2006 and has not been updated since. During the mid 2000s, the technological resilience of the copper-based network in the wake of broadband was a setback for Fibre-to-the-Home (FttH) deployment. However, these networks are showing that there is an enormous appetite for broadband and these developments are leading to a much clearer indication of the demand for FttH, and the business models which need to be developed for it. Japan is leading the world, the USA and Korea are rapidly rolling out, and developments are taking place in Sweden, the Netherlands and Iceland. Other opportunities exist for developers, cities and states/provinces, who see FttH as an important infrastructure development and, as such, are prepared to take the lead in FttH roll-outs. This report provides analysis of the current market, including a look at the various business drivers, future opportunities, current business models and the costs of deployment. Further analysis of the overall issues in relation to FttH and the various deployments taking place around the world, is available from separate reports.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. FttH analysis – mid 2006
    • 2.1 DSL is building the business case for FttH
    • 2.2 Growth patterns and predictions
    • 2.3 No business case for large-scale deployments
    • 2.4 Business drivers
    • 2.5 No e-government without fibre
    • 2.6 Fibre-to-the-Node and VDSL
  • 3. Where is the action in FttH?
    • 3.1 Who are the leaders and why?
    • 3.2 Initial drivers: utilities and local councils
    • 3.3 Business market
    • 3.4 Infrastructure upgrades
    • 3.5 Corporate optical fibre
    • 3.6 New housing developments
  • 4. Different FttH business models
    • 4.1 National economy drivers
    • 4.2 Social drivers
    • 4.3 Entertainment drivers
    • 4.4 ‘Go with the flow’ strategies
    • 4.5 New housing developments
  • 5. Telcos still reluctant
    • 5.1 Business opportunities for FttH niche telcos
    • 5.2 Alternative infrastructure developments
  • 6. Structural separation a must for FttH
  • 7. The costs of FttH
    • 7.1 AT&T project estimates
  • 8. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 – Residential Broadband (BB) – growth predictions – next ten years
  • Exhibit 2 – FttH costings per home connected

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Last updated 17 May 2007
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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