Global - Analysis - Infrastructure - VoIP - 2004


At BuddeComm’s Roundtables in June 2003 and March 2004, we discussed the effect that VoIP will have on the market – looking at it from an incumbent’s point of view, from a challenger’s point of view, and also from the direction that ISPs and BSPs are taking. These last companies currently don’t provide voice services at all. Obviously they would all like to take their cues from the corporate markets where VoIP is well and truly on the way to becoming the norm for voice traffic. In this report, Paul critically discusses the conclusions drawn from these round table discussions. This report was superseded by Global - VoIP - Overview.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. Give VoIP a chance
  • 4. Global businesses moving to VoIP
  • 5. VoIP – a case of evolution, rather than revolution
  • 6. Roundtable discussions on VoIP
    • 6.1 Incumbents are holding back VoIP benefits
    • 6.2 Corporate market demands that incumbents deliver VoIP
    • 6.3 Residential and SME markets don’t have the same power
    • 6.4 Residential customers missing out on broadband benefits
    • 6.5 The need for facilities-based competition
    • 6.6 IP Telephony 50% penetration within 5 years
  • 7. IP Telephony – Is it ready?
    • 7.1 Review March 2004
    • 7.2 Is IPT reliable?
    • 7.3 Some additional facts about IPT
    • 7.4 Who should use IPT? What are their Characteristics?
    • 7.5 When will IPT be pervasive?
  • 8. IP beyond VoIP
  • 9. IP integrates voice and data
    • 9.1 The continuing importance of voice
    • 9.2 Quality issues
    • 9.3 Corporate VPN
  • 10. Wireless VoIP coming to the rescue of corporates
  • Exhibit 1 - VoIP issues

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Last updated 23 Mar 2005
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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