Global - Analysis - Industry - Status of telco restructuring in 2004


Since the late 1980s we have been saying that the incumbent telcos must make structural changes to their operations – it is inevitable. However, the reality is that the incumbents have used their power and political backing to resist this, since to unravel their monopoly would make them vulnerable. To date, they have found it expedient to hide inefficiencies and ineffectiveness behind the huge cash-generating bureaucracy that surrounds the incumbents. Forced by disruptive development both in regulations and technologies, incumbents are now forced to more seriously consider their restructuring. This analysis was prepared by Paul Budde. This report was archived in 2005.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Related reports
  • 3. Deregulation has not delivered the results (yet)
  • 4. Telcos are not taking the lead
  • 5. Fixed operators need to substitute voice by broadband
  • 6. Telcos failed to secure their own future
  • 7. Will the telcos have the financial stamina?
  • 8. Knowledge-based societies based on Loopco models
  • 9. Restructuring now due
    • 9.1 Too much regulation?
    • 9.2 Next regulatory battlefield: structural separation
    • 9.3 Regulators need to have the will and the power
    • 9.4 Re-monopolisation will be back on the agenda
    • 9.5 Re-engineering the telecommunications carriers
    • 9.6 They couldn’t fail making money
    • 9.7 New business models required
    • 9.8 Good business in cash generating machines
  • 10. One in four incumbents face extinction
    • 10.1 For many a matter of life or death
    • 10.2 Vendors on the blocks
    • 10.3 From telcos to IT companies
    • Table 1 – Monthly unbundled and shared line tariffs in Europe – 2002

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Last updated 12 Jan 2004
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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