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Archived report. In 2013 it is heartening to see that more and more people are getting the message that the network means more than just fast internet access. Increasingly key decision-makers in business and government are reaching an understanding of the transformation that is underway in the economy. A positive outcome from the financial crisis was that it resulted in global attention turning to new infrastructure developments; facilitating a unique opportunity to shift the broadband emphasis from a high-speed Internet service to a national infrastructure for the digital economy that will underpin a range of positive social and economic developments. These developments are also referred to as the Internet of Things and M2M, of which the digital economy will play a key role.

E-commerce is just one sector that will benefit from improvements in infrastructure and a trans-sector approach to governance; e-government, e-health, e-education, social media and e-science are also important elements of a digital economy. This report outlines the key elements and considerations required to grow the digital economy further.

Latest developments:

In 2012 the Internet Economy was worth around $2.5 trillion across the G-20 economies; In June 2011 the OECD highlighted that the strength and dynamism of the Internet depends on its ease of access to high speed networks, openness, and on user confidence. For this to happen it agreed upon a number of basic principles for Internet policy; making this an important step in ensuring that the Internet remains open and dynamic.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The issue is the digital economy, not broadband
  • 3. Infrastructure essential for the digital economy
    • 3.1.1 Governments play a key role in shift
      • 3.2 M2M and The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • 4. Can we fast-track the digital economy?
      • 4.1 Future internet considerations
    • 5. International discussion
      • 5.1 WCIT underway at a flying start 04 Dec 2012
        • 5.1.1 The buzz, debates and misinformation
        • 5.1.2 The stakes have increased
        • 5.1.3 Separating the many issues
        • 5.1.4 ITU and ICANN working together
        • 5.1.5 Security
        • 5.1.6 Rules for rates
        • 5.1.7 Connecting the Global Village
      • 5.2 The OECD on the Internet Economy
      • 5.3 The relationship between local content, internet development and access prices
    • 6. The emergence of mega-communities
    • 7. Key sectors for the digital economy
      • 7.1 Key elements
      • 7.2 Smart grids and the environment
      • 7.3 E-commerce
      • 7.4 E-government
        • 7.4.1 Benefits of e-government
      • 7.5 E-health
      • 7.6 E-education
      • 7.7 Social media
    • 8. Key requirements of the digital economy
      • 8.1 Broadband
      • 8.2 Trans-sector approaches
      • 8.3 Open access
      • 8.4 Internet neutrality
    • 9. Conclusion: digital economy services
    • 10. Related reports
    • Table 1 – Global e-commerce spending – 2011 - 2013
    • Table 2 – Global investment in e-government – 2010 - 2016
    • Exhibit 1 – Digital economy – key developments
    • Exhibit 2 – Popular online activities
    • Exhibit 3 – Digital economy – key developments
    • Exhibit 4 – European Commission e-commerce five priorities - 2012
    • Exhibit 5 – Examples of common web based e-government applications
    • Exhibit 6 – Snapshot of health care spending around the world

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