Digital Media - The Competitive Internet Media Environment


Archived report. The success of Internet Media companies can be partly attributed to their willingness to compete in many different markets. While companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo continue to focus on their core business of search services, these companies, as well as the other leading digital media players such as eBay, AOL, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Twitter etc also continue to look for other opportunities from developments in mobility, cloud computing, e-commerce, home media, social media, online VoD, infrastructure etc. Underlying many of these initiatives is the continuing competitive battle over the advertising dollar and attempts to generate new revenue streams.

This report includes BuddeComm’s analyses and identification of the key areas of focus for Internet media companies and incorporates examples from Google, Facebook, MySpace and News Corp, which, in part, demonstrates the different approaches these companies are taking to this shifting landscape.

Latest developments:

There are a number of key areas the Internet Media companies are focusing onincluding developments in mobile and enhancing fixed online services. Revenues generated from advertising are still of key importance to this sector and search services have long been key. In 2013 Facebook launched a search service called Graph Search for its social network.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Google; Facebook; MySpace; News Corp.

Financial information includes:

Worldwide advertising spend; Worldwide online advertising spending; Google advertising revenue; Worldwide smart phone operating system market share

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction and analyses
  • 3. Internet media companies
  • 4. Dominating the internet
  • 5. Key trends for digital media companies
    • 5.1 Overview of media company activities
    • 5.2 Search services
    • 5.3 Facebook not resting on its laurels
    • 5.4 Digital media advertising
      • 5.4.1 Google and Facebook vie for advertising dollar
    • 5.5 Mobile sector
      • 5.5.1 Media company activity in the mobile space
    • 5.6 Cloud Computing for media and entertainment sectors
      • 5.6.1 Cloud-gaming a hot trend
  • 6. Brief case study: MySpace
  • 7. Brief case study: News Corp
    • 7.1 BSkyB
    • 7.2 Globalisation of media
    • 7.3 News Corp’s attempt to block free online news
  • 8. Related reports
  • Table 1 – Visitors to top web properties worldwide – 2008; June 2009; May 2011
  • Table 2 – Worldwide search engine market share – Mid 2011; Feb 2012
  • Table 3 – Worldwide advertising spending- all mediums – 2010 - 2014
  • Table 4 – Worldwide online advertising spend – 2008 - 2013
  • Table 5 – Most popular forms of online advertising
  • Table 6 – Google total advertising revenue and mobile advertising revenue – 2006 - 2012
  • Table 7 – Worldwide smart phone operating system market share – 2007 – 2010; Q3 2011
  • Exhibit 1 – Key areas of focus for Internet media companies
  • Exhibit 2 – Digital advertising cost considerations
  • Exhibit 3 – Examples of large global advertising groups and subsidiaries
  • Exhibit 4 – Examples of digital advertising agencies
  • Exhibit 5 – Top sectors for online advertising spending
  • Exhibit 6 – Facebook

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Digital Media

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