Digital Media - Social Enterprise Business Models and Customer Relationships


Archived report. In recent years the phrase ‘the social enterprise’ entered the industry’s jargon. The new use of the “social enterprise” term is most certainly aimed at commercial benefits – in particular those generated via mobile devices and within social networks. Another meaning for this term is to describe the use of commercial business models to achieve outcomes for philanthropic activities – not-for-profit activities related to the national good.

The new use of the “social enterprise” term is most certainly aimed at commercial benefits – in particular those generated via mobile devices and within social networks. There is nothing wrong with this, but it could be confusing to customers, and confusion is not in their best interest.

BuddeComm interprets the ‘Social Enterprise’ concept in much broader terms, the focal point being that it is primarily about benefits to customers. If the correct approach is taken, organisations will realise that this will benefit their business, in that it enables them to develop lifelong customer relationships.

There is plenty of evidence that customer experience has become a key issue in the overall retail market, not just in telecoms. Dissatisfaction has been growing over the last decade, but the big change now is that customers are no longer taking a passive approach. They are becoming far more vocal about poor service and at the same time are moving more and more to internet-based services.

This report provides high-level analysis on the importance of customer relationships for the digital media and telecoms sectors. It examines how digital media developments are changing the merchant and customer relationship and concepts such as real-time data processing are becoming of importance.

Latest developments:

The combination of telecoms-based (mobile) interrogation capabilities with a range of other data in relation to the customer, coming from data centres, websites, social media, retail information and so on, creates significant new business opportunities, based on social analytics that allows for the creation of customer social profiles and analytical information.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Building lifelong customer relationships
    • 3.1 Trans-sector platform for new business models
    • 3.2 Beware of bogus claims
    • 3.3 Traditionally-oriented economic growth is approaching its limit
    • 3.4 How to develop customer-focused business models
  • 4. Lack of good customer expectation in telecoms market
  • 5. The retail market needs to lift its game
    • 5.1 Under-investment in customer experience
    • 5.2 Very little service differentiation between players
    • 5.3 New sectors are entering the retail market
    • 5.4 New approach needed, not a fix of broken systems
    • 5.5 Cost transparency: the single most important issue in the telco market
  • 6. Solution: high quality data and analytics
    • 6.1 Optimising networks through crowdsourcing
    • 6.2 Data silos
  • 7. Contextual intelligence
    • 7.1 Benefits for telcos and ISPs
    • 7.2 Social Network Analytics
  • 8. Data analytic application examples
    • 8.1 Subscriber Data Management
  • 9. Business understands need for real-time processing
  • 10. Related reports
  • Exhibit 1 – The new definition of social enterprise
  • Exhibit 2 – Foursquare
  • Exhibit 3 – Peter Drucker on customers
  • Exhibit 4 – Bundling services in Europe
  • Exhibit 5 – Real-time processing
  • Exhibit 6 - Key characteristics of contextual intelligence in customer service
  • Exhibit 7 – Watson – cognitive computing

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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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