BuddeComm Intelligence Report - The Global Data Centre Sector


In 2017 there is a trend emerging whereby the major data centre providers are expanding into new international markets. This is driven partly by a growing need for enterprises to have data stored locally in order to meet security and privacy laws. Energy efficiency has also become a key concern for data centre management and there is a growing awareness of the ongoing maintenance and energy costs to operate such centres. The data centre market is an extremely complex one, with many diverse aspects to it. There are literally millions of data centres worldwide and 99% of them are embedded in the IT operations of the organisations that generate and use that data. With the enormous explosion in cloud computing and related Over-The –Top (OTT) services; secondary data centres are also becoming a parallel trend to what is happening with the large data centres.

This BuddeComm Intelligence Report offers BuddeComm’s unique insights into the changing data centre landscape due to the increasing data storage demands, rising energy costs and pressure on companies to appear environmentally pro-active. This in turn is leading to a growing demand for data centres, either operated by the cloud provider or utilised as third party infrastructure.

Latest developments:

Around the world, we are witnessing a growing number of data centres being built, rather than a tapering off. This is due to the rising need for data management and cloud services. Many of the leading players are also expanding internationally as enterprises realize they need to store data locally in order to comply with various security and privacy laws in different countries. There are a number of data centres being built in Britain at the moment. It is speculated that it has become an attractive market for data centre providers due partly to the falling pound related to Brexit.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. The changing market of data centres – market analysis
    • 2.1 The broader market has changed
    • 2.2 Changing technology environment
    • 2.3 Data centre product areas
    • 2.4 Software-defined data centres (SDD), Software-defined networking (SDN)
    • 2.5 The rapid growth of regional secondary data centres
    • 2.6 Bandwidth on Demand
  • 3. Key global data centre trends and statistics
    • 3.1 Data centre companies expanding internationally
    • 3.2 Growing maintenance and energy costs
  • 4. Increasing environmental considerations
    • 4.1 Energy efficiency tops data centre concern
    • 4.2 Direct current (DC) power
  • 5. Selective outsourcing
    • 5.1 Security considerations
  • 6. Glimpses of the future
    • 6.1 Underwater data centre
  • 7. Related reports
  • Table 1 – Global data centre traffic – 2013; 2015; 2018; 2020
  • Exhibit 1 – Real-time processing
  • Exhibit 2 – Examples of large data centres around the world
  • Exhibit 3 – Virtualisation
  • Exhibit 4 – Singapore - Energy rating of data centres
  • Exhibit 5 – Summary of key global trends for data centres
  • Exhibit 6 – Google Data Centres
  • Exhibit 7 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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