BuddeComm Intelligence Report - Artificial Intelligence and the Telecoms Sector


For many years Artificial Intelligence (AI) was just a futuristic concept - but with recent progress in Machine Learning capabilities; the AI sector has been firmly pushed into the spotlight.

In 2019 we will see this interest in Artificial Intelligence grow even further. As AI developments become more and more mainstream, driven by an intense interest in Smart Technologies, further applications and solutions will emerge.

AI is quickly becoming viewed by the telecoms industry as a way to gain a competitive advantage. Already we are seeing those involved in the broader telecoms industry using the term “AI” to promote various applications and services. The term is beginning to be loosely applied for promotion purposes and is currently an industry “buzz” word. None the less; it is encouraging to see so much attention being paid to the AI area as it offers so much exciting potential for society and the economy in general.

For the operators – many opportunities may lie in the applications and services related to infrastructure that solutions based on AI will require.

This BuddeComm report explores the key trends occurring in the Artificial Intelligence sector, the enterprises involved, various applications and the identification of potential opportunities for the telecoms industry. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) highlighted both 5G and Artificial Intelligence as important innovations required to enable smart cities.

Key developments:

  • While the media and marketing campaigns often hype up developments surrounding AI; there is real progress occurring in this area in 2019.
  • Two countries have emerged as the largest spenders in the AI sector.
  • AI capabilities are often being merged with Big Data solutions for data management applications.
  • Smart phone device manufacturers are very interested in AI for mobile devices.

Table of Contents

  • Artifical Intelligence is required for society progress

    • Machine learning/Deep learning
    • Cognitive computing
      • Mind’s Eye
  • Creating an ethical path for AI

    • United Nations sustainable development goals
  • AI and telecoms

  • AI industry statistics

  • Conclusion

  • Related reports

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1 – Key developments towards AI – 2000 – 2018
  • Exhibit 2 – Google Tensorflow
  • Exhibit 3 – Angelina

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