Broadband Infrastructure facilitates Economic Transformation through Digital Productivity


The world in general, and its institutions and businesses in particular, is facing a significant number of challenges: we will soon be 9 billion people; the environment has problems coping with us; whole business sectors are facing digital disruption; healthcare in western economies could consume 40% of national GDP by 2040.

Nowadays, people are more empowered – they are moving away from traditional behaviour patterns, and new jobs are in the new economy, not the old one. Governments and traditionally organised businesses and organisations have great problems with these developments. They are unprepared to embark on the essential economic and social transformations that are needed to face up to the challenges.

In essence, in order to transform they will need to operate far more horizontally and be far more truly customer/people focussed. And in order to be able to compete with those organisations that have been successful in creating digital productivity, they often need to look at ways to remove 50%, or even more, from their current business costs. It also necessitates cannibalisation of traditional services and revenues, with no certainty of new income from new services to compensate for this.

As a result, many businesses are fighting rearguard battles rather than leading the charge, and whole sectors are resisting the transformation process (retail, healthcare, education, energy, government).

This Paul Budde Consultancy customer briefing incorporates Paul Budde’s international experiences in the development of national broadband plans. These national infrastructure projects are an essential part of any country’s industry and sector transformation process, as they are the key enablers of digital productivity. Paul offers consultancy in the form of briefings, expert reports, workshops and training.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Economic prosperity depends on digital productivity
  • 3. ICT industry has the driver’s seat
  • 4. Transformation requires open ICT infrastructure
  • 5. Brief insights into ICT infrastructure developments
    • 5.1 The National Broadband Network
    • 5.2 The Changing Data Centre Landscape
    • 5.3 The Cloud Computing Revolution
    • 5.4 M2M, IoT and Big Data – Key Global Trends
    • 5.5 Smart Grids – Transforming the Energy Industry
    • 5.6 Smart Cities – the Way Forward
  • 6. Comprehensive infrastructure policies are needed
  • 7. Collaborative trans-sector policies
  • 8. Case Study – Australia
    • 8.1 NBN: a blueprint for ICT infrastructure policies?
      • 8.1.1 Effect of Australia’s NBN on the rest of the world
    • 8.2 National Digital Economy Strategy
    • 8.3 Australia’s digital transformation is underway – Analysis
    • 8.4 The issue is Industry Transformation, not Broadband – analysis
    • 8.5 The impact on the economy
  • 9. Conclusion
  • 10. Paul Budde Consultancy
  • 11. Related Reports
  • Exhibit 1 - Transformation – business case examples
  • Exhibit 2 - Global developments that are forcing transformation
  • Exhibit 3 - Regulatory system needs to support transformation
  • Exhibit 4 - Smart communities
  • Exhibit 5- Internet of Things – the next infrastructure inflection point
  • Exhibit 6- Trans-sector vs. Cross-sector
  • Exhibit 7 - Australia – National Broadband Network
  • Exhibit 8 - Broadband Commission for Digital Development
  • Exhibit 9 - How does broadband relate to economic development?
  • Exhibit 10 - Key applications of a digital economy

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