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Broadband Industry Trends : What do leaders need to consider?

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CHALLENGE 1 : How to make sure everything is fine inside the house ?

How can telecom operators make sure that the network coverage inside a home is as strong as it is outside the subscribers’ door?


CHALLENGE 2 : How can telcos reach even more people?

Operator capex is under pressure even as they continue with their broadband deployments.

  • Network owners are facing big challenges with their incomes being kept quite flat, while their networks are still needing relevant investments.
  • The number of deployment projects is exploding, with the rise of 5G.

CHALLENGE 3: The white box economics is developing

A new kind of supply chain is taking place in order to make this new reality live. 

The white box economics or disaggregation provides:  

●         Faster innovations and finding new revenues streams 

●         Cost reductions 

●         Flexibility 

●         No vendor lock-in (the narrative of “sorry, we do not support this hardware,” does not exist anymore) 

CHALLENGE 4: Technology shifting period: From a hardware network to a software network and the consequences to telcos

The networks are now being implemented differently. The transformation has started to take place.  

Earlier, the hardware was centralized at on-premises data centers. But now, the network systems are becoming more complex, with Software Defined Network (SDN) slowly coming into the picture. 

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