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To help you grow in the Telecom Industry, BuddeComm is focused on 4 main topics.

The majority of governments around the world have now accepted that national broadband networks are the way forward with over 140 countries around the world having concrete national broadband networks in place.

The challenge now is to put these policies into practice and implement these policies. Ultimately all of these broadband plans will require national fibre optic networks.

There simply is no other technology that can handle the capacity of data and applications that will be needed to run the cities and countries from today onwards. This infrastructure needs to be robust. It has to have enormous capacity. It needs to be secure and to be able to protect privacy.

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The emerging markets of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East have long held huge potential for the telecoms and digital media sectors.

Since around 1998, BuddeComm has been reporting on these markets and is uniquely positioned to offer strategic insights, analysis, statistical trends and forecasts on the key telecoms markets of Mobile voice and Mobile data, Internet, Broadband, Digital Media and the Digital Economy.

BuddeComm reports also provide valuable commentary on areas such as the key telecoms operators, Government policies affecting the local industry and infrastructure development.

BuddeComm’s extensive experience, has enabled completion of consulting work for the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand governments as well as international organisations within the UN.

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High growth in the adoption of cloud-based solutions is leading to increased data centre demand through the need for larger amounts of data storage and computing.

Significant capital expenditure savings can be achieved as organisations are not required to install new IT infrastructure.

This trend is evident in both the consumer sector from the use of data intensive services, such as videos, online social networks, mobile data and gaming and the corporate sector from the use cloud computing for very high data intensive applications, such as data mining and data analytics.

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The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and 3G PPP In October 2019 the ITU convened the World are working together to develop the global 5G standards.

Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-19). There has become an obvious “race to market” competition around the world with operators, manufacturers and governments all wanting to be the first to capture the opportunities presented by the 5G evolution.

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