Telecoms & Broadband Business Newsletter - January-February 2012

Publication Overview

Published since 1983, Australia’s first telecommunications and new media newsletter covers national and international business strategies and government policies in relation to fixed and wireless broadband and other smart infrastructure, the digital economy, digital and mobile media, smart grids, e-health and e-education.

Executive Summary

Australia shows international leadership in global changes

Increasingly developments that are happening globally are affecting Australia. Putting our heads in the sand and pretending that events like the financial crisis in Europe, the political situation in the USA, the developments in China and India, or climate change are all taking place outside Australia is counter-productive.

Fortunately the majority of Australians are sufficiently well-informed to look beyond this and even if we don’t fully understand all the implications there is a clear understanding that we cannot run away from both the national and the international challenges that we, as a society, are facing.

Having said this, we believe that it is up to us to find a way around these global challenges at a local level – to try to develop our own strategies and work out our own way forward.

Looking back at the social and economic challenges that the human race has faced in the past it seems that change generally creates opportunity. Previous upheavals have generated much disruption, pain and suffering but every single time, from the prehistoric era on, civilisation has made progress – becoming more prosperous, more knowledgeable, and more able to manage the increasingly complex environments that we live in.

These times will be no different. Within the current context Australia is well-positioned to participate positively in helping the world to become a better place – and in some instances we have been able to show leadership, especially in areas where we are relatively less affected by the turmoil.

As a middle economy it is also easier for us to show leadership, since we are not a political or economic threat to others. At the same time, over the last few decades Australia has shown more maturity in its international position and its role in the world. Being isolated geographically we have historically tended to be rather parochial in our international activities; but now, in an increasingly connected digital world, this is changing and we feel more comfortable and confident in taking up a position on many of the issues the world is facing.

Some of the bold initiatives that Australia has taken over the last few years are in general supported by its people. Look at the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, our leadership at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in 2009, the national broadband network and the carbon tax. We might squabble over the details, but all of these issues are intuitively seen by citizens as important, visionary and of strategic importance to the country.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Editorial
  • 2. Strategies
    • 2.1 E-security and e-governance
    • 2.2 Broadband in emerging markets
    • 2.3 Broadband Commission Outreach Strategy
  • 3. Telecommunications
    • 3.1 Australia - Fixed and Mobile Telecoms Statistics
    • 3.2 ‘Things’
    • 3.3 VoIP equipment market
    • 3.4 2010/2011 Telecommunications in Hong Kong
    • 3.5 Wireless technology provides Indonesia’s fixed-line market with fresh new growth
    • 3.6 Enterprise Unified Communication, VoIP, and TDM Equipment
    • 3.7 The looming broadband capacity crisis
    • 3.8 China’s fibre investment – the future e-commerce powerhouse
  • 4. Wireless markets
    • 4.1 Appalling mobile broadband experience in Melbourne
    • 4.2 IMS Equipment and Subscribers update
  • 5. national broadband network
    • 5.1 Do the telcos want to kill the NBN goose that will lay the golden egg?
    • 5.2 The NBN for Central Victoria
    • 5.3 Local councils need to be more active in NBN development
    • 5.4 NBN operation and demonstration facilities
    • 5.5 The NBN-Enabled Education and Skills Services program
  • 6. Digital economy and digital media
    • 6.1 Solving the e-book problem for the blind
    • 6.2 Finally Telstra bundles its media assets
    • 6.3 Healthcare monitoring for the elderly
    • 6.4 Tele-rehabilitation solution
    • 6.5 Bendigo IPTV
    • 6.6 The relationship between local content, internet development and access prices
    • 6.7 Australian employers use social networking sites to screen applicants
    • 6.8 world Digital Economy - Insights into E-Government, E-Health and E-Education
  • 7. Smart Infrastructure
    • 7.1 Smart meter penetration in North America
    • 7.2 The upcoming electric vehicle tsunami
    • 7.3 General Electric propose smart grid as-a-service
    • 7.4 New law for South Korean smart grid network
  • 8. Briefs
    • 8.1 Technology delivers warning to motorists of potential hail damage
    • 8.2 Free texting service in India
    • 8.3 The Increasingly Important Impact of Wireless Broadband Technology and Services on the US Economy
    • 8.4 Rural Broadband – United States
    • 8.5 Broadband increased GDP in India

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Could I thank you for making a contribution to this on so many occasions and declare my association with you as a Central Coast resident. I want to say how proud we are of you and how much your expertise has informed us.

Senator Deborah O’Neill, at the Select Senate Committee on the NBN – March 2014

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