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Japan’s telecommunications sector is one of the most developed markets in the world.

Japan’s market is served by three multi-service operators offering fixed-line telephony, fixed broadband access, mobile voice telephony, mobile broadband access and pay TV services. Japan’s fixed line market is dominated by incumbent operator NTT.

Fixed line growth in Japan have been stagnant over the past five years. This trend is predicted to continue over the next five years to 2024.

The fixed broadband market is supported largely by two technology platforms: cable TV (CATV) and FttH, with the latter more prominent.

Japan’s mobile market is dominated by three major operators – NTT DoCoMo, KDDI and Softbank Mobile. However, the Japanese government is looking to open its mobile market up to new players for 5G services. Japan’s largest e-commerce company is working on plans to build its own nationwide 4G mobile network with an intended launch by 2020.

Japan has a strong presence as a regional Asian data centre provider and is a global financial and corporate hub and one of the fastest evolving digital markets in the world. Data centre locations have easy access to high-speed international connectivity, with landing points for several submarine cables that connect with the western United States. Japan’s digital economy is highly mature and difficult to serve from overseas or alternative locations. Japan has now evolved into more of an international data centre market driven by the global hyperscale cloud providers expanding in the Tokyo and Osaka markets.

Japan possesses a large and vibrant television industry due to its unique culture and market size. Legislation enacted to restrict ownership has led to a plethora of broadcasters. Japan’s vertically integrated broadcasting industry means broadcasters create as well as distribute content.

NTT DOCOMO has launched a global Internet of Things solution designed to aid customers in the development, of IoT services and has claimed a world first in a 5G test using a 28GHz band antenna on a 5G connected car.

Key Developments:

  • Stagnant growth in the fixed line market is predicted to continue over the next five years to 2024.
  • The Japanese government is looking to open its mobile market up to new players for 5G services.
  • Japan's first Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) trials are commencing.

Companies covered in this report include:

NTT; KDDI; Softbank Mobile, Internet Initiative Japan.

Table of Contents

  • Key statistics

  • Telecommunications market

    • Market overview and analysis
    • Regional Asian Market Comparison
  • Regulatory environment

    • Historic overview
    • Regulatory authority
      • The MPHPT/MIC
      • Radio Regulatory Council
      • Telecommunications Council
      • Telecommunications Carriers Association
      • Japan Internet Providers’ Association (JAIPA)
    • Government Policies
      • Government investment in infrastructure
      • Skill building, education and demand programs
      • Competition policy
      • Network non-discrimination
      • Spectrum policy
      • Broadband policy
      • Wholesale / Pricing
    • Access
    • Carrier PreSelection (CPS)
      • MYLINE calling categories
  • Fixed network operators

    • NTT Corporation
    • KDDI Corporation
    • Softbank Corporation
    • Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ)
  • Telecommunications infrastructure

    • Overview of the national telecom network
    • NTT NGN
    • Submarine cables
      • Overview
      • NTT and TransTelecom of Russia (HSCS)
      • Russia-Japan Cable Network (RJCN)
      • Trans-Pacific Express Cable Network (TPE)
      • Pacific Crossing (PC-1)
      • Google investments
      • Asia Submarine Express (ASE)
      • Asia Pacific Gateway (APG)
      • South-East Asia Japan Cable (SJC)
      • KDDI landing station
      • Japan-US Cable
    • Satellite
    • Data centres
  • Smart infrastructure

    • Internet Of Things (Iot)
    • Driverless cars
    • Smart grids
      • Solar power projects
    • Smart cities
      • Smart city project for Tsunami-effected cities in Japan
      • Fujisawa
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List of Tables

  • Table 1 – Top Level Country Statistics and Telco Authorities – 2019 (e)
  • Table 2 – Percentage of Population Covered by Type of Mobile Network
  • Table 3 – Key Metrics - Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) - 2019 – 2024
  • Table 4 – NTT major shareholders
  • Table 5 – NTT financial data – 2000 – 2018
  • Table 6 – NTT subscribers by service – 2015 – 2018
  • Table 7 – Historic - NTT video service subscribers – 2009 – 2017
  • Table 8 – KDDI financial data – 2001 – 2018
  • Table 9 – KDDI total capital expenditure on mobile and fixed line – 2005 – 2018
  • Table 10 – Historic - IIJ revenue and net income – 2006 - 2016
  • Table 11 – Fixed Line Subscriptions and Penetration – 2007 - 2019
  • Table 12 – Historic - Fixed line - Subscribers and penetration – 1993 – 2006

List of Charts

  • Chart 1 – Mobile, Mobile Broadband & Fixed Broadband Penetration – 2019; 2024
  • Chart 2 – Asian Telecoms Maturity Index by Market Category
  • Chart 3 – Asian Telecoms Maturity Index vs GDP per Capita
  • Chart 4 – Telecoms Maturity Index – Northern Asia
  • Chart 5 – Fixed Line Subscriptions and Penetration – 2007 – 2019

List of Exhibits

  • Exhibit 1 – Key Market Characteristics by Market Segment
  • Exhibit 2 – Northern Asia - Key Characteristics of Telecoms Markets by Country
  • Exhibit 3 – NTT Group structure
  • Exhibit 4 – Softbank operations
  • Exhibit 5 – Major global/regional submarine cables with landing point in Japan

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