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What are the Telcos strategies to win the 5G race ?

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5G in the UK

British Telecom intents to lead the 5G market by being the first entrant

Vodafone is the 2nd operator to launch 5G

O2/H3 seems to target more and more business rather than customer

Three UK: focus on the fastest 5G network to enter the Home Broadband Market

5G in France

Orange is looking for traction through 5G innovation

The B2B Market shall drive Bouygues growth….

… And Iliad too, with his own infrastructure

Altice : Will the 5G serve the convergence strategy ?

5G in the USA

AT&T : the business clients on the forefront of the 5G strategy

T-Mobile and Sprint strategies are working hand in hand.

Sprint choose to invest on a mid-band 5G network

T-Mobile, the early adopter

Verizon wants to discover what the technology can do before choosing one

5G in Germany

Deutsche Telekom : The 5G shall help to consolidate European Leadership

Vodafone wants to democratise 5G

Telefónica Germany hasn’t revealed her plan yet

Drillisch : the ambitious challenger

5g in Japan

NTT-DOCOMO rolls out in densely populated area first to be ready for Olympics

SoftBank wants to become Japanese leader thank to 5G

KDDI will use the 4G LTE as the first step before 5G

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