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5G Market Reports : What are the 5G Global Trends ?

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1. 5G is a vertical business 

5G represents as much an opportunity for Telcos as it does a threat. This is mainly because there is a real opportunity to generate revenue in providing new enterprise solutions to vertical businesses (e.g – in mining, utilities, automotive, healthcare…). They will however need to develop this in parallel with clients in the sector to stay ahead of the market.

In addition, they will have to transition from a hardware business (legacy) to a software based one (with the ability to deploy agile enterprise services).

2. All industry players identify new clients in these verticals. Not only the Telcos.

Infrastructure suppliers, Infrastructure third parties & Transport providers etc all have the opportunity to develop their business in targeting new markets.  For all of them, the challenge is to get access to qualified IT people in these verticals. 

3. 5G adoption rate – the burning question.

We are at the start of a new learning curve.

Reducing latency will ultimately benefit companies in the short run more than the end customers. This is one of the first benefits 5G will bring to the table.

4. Leading Telcos are facing competition from MNOs that can now easily enter the home broadband market.

Fiber technologies generated huge revenues but involved high investment (ROI over decades) while 5G rollout will enable ROI in a matter of years.

5G allows MNOs to compete FTTH.

5. Development of a very fragmented local competition through private networks. B2B networks can become B2C products

Network deployment costs are lowering, stimulating private network creation – e.g – on an industrial site for example.

New technologies (such as liquid cooling data centres) will stimulate the calculation capacity of these sites. 

6. Slicing Network will help to monetize 5G

It will allow network owners to increase agility in the applications they deliver to end-users

All public places/venues will be able to adapt (stadium, hospitals….) and in effect become local telco-competitors.

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