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Advise Telcos and Equipment Vendors on
any market or developing technology

Telecoms is such a fast moving environment - with innovations, new players, new regulations changing the game everyday.

It is key to have the right partner that will help you.

Latest data

GET the latest data available

topic region

EXPLORE any topic or region

business decissions

MAKE critical business decisions

BuddeComm allows you to produce clear and concise

analysis and make data-driven recommendations

Gain knowledge

Gain Knowledge

Our experienced telecoms
analysts provide the latest data,
market developments and
custom consulting advice

Save Money

Save Money

Customized pricing adjusted to

best fit your needs and let you

access as many reports as you


Save Time

BuddeComm’s consistent report

format allows easy comparison

between countries

Spend more time on value added analysis

rather than searching for reliable data

BuddeComm Corporate, what is it exactly?

Budde corporate

BuddeComm’s Corporate Subscription provides flexible access to our high-level strategic information on key industry and market developments in the global telecommunications and digital economy sectors.


In addition to our unparalleled knowledge of Telecommunications, Digital Media and the Digital Economy, BuddeComm is the best source of information and research for:

  • Emerging geographical markets of Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Eastern Europe.
  • Emerging technologies such as AI, Smart Cities, Big Data, IT Security, IoT etc

Your subscription can be adapted to your data requirements

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