Global Digital Media - E-Education, E-Learning and E-Government Trends and Statistics

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Update History

11 March 2015 - New chapter or analysis

Added new chapter titled: Medieval education system hard to reform (analysis by Paul Budde)

07 December 2014 - Major report update

Major review - including a thorough update of statistics and text where applicable. Chapters added on Self-Paced E-Learning (SPEL), Learning management Systems (LMSs), and Gamification. New material added on m-learning and corporate e-learning. Statistical tables added on m-learning and Self-Paced E-Learning.

14 February 2014 - New chapter or analysis

Further analysis added to report on how e-education developments have somewhat halted in 2014.

14 February 2014 - New chapter or analysis

Chapter on MooC expanded with BuddeComm analysis.

21 December 2013 - New chapter or analysis

Chapter on e-government added to report.

19 November 2013 - Major report update

This report explores the key trends and developments occurring in the global education and e-learning sector, supported by examples. The report is designed to provide current observations which may assist investors, analysts and industry participants in making investment and business decisions.

13 November 2012 - Major report update

Updated text and statistics, where applicable.

25 October 2012 - New chapter or analysis

Exhibit on Connect To Learn added to report.

30 April 2012 - Major report update

Major update of text and statistics, where applicable.

15 November 2011 - Major report update

05 April 2011 - New chapter or analysis

Added bried sub chapter on Skype in the classroom.

24 November 2010 - Major report update

Major update of text and statistics, where applicable.

16 October 2009 - Major report update

Updated text and key trends.

02 February 2009 - New chapter or analysis

New chapter on e-science added.

27 October 2008 - New chapter or analysis

Added sub chapter on e-learning and Open Source. Also updated worldwide e-learning market value table.

11 February 2008 - Major report update

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Number of pages: 23

Status: Current

Last update: 11 March 2015
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Analyst: Kylie Wansink

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