New Zealand - Ultra-Fast Broadband Network based on Trans-Sector Model


Trans-sector thinking will be required to guide us through the next stage of human evolution. In this report we draw attention to the importance of looking across sectors to create synergy. BuddeComm has previously discussed at length the opportunities within the ICT industries of utilising new telecoms networks for e-health, e-education, smart grids (managing renewables, saving energy), etc. The New Zealand Government is expected to also launch its trans-sector policies for the UFB. This report also discusses a new approach, which applies across infrastructure projects, and looks at the potential synergies between the building of roads, sewerage systems, water and gas pipe networks, as well as telecoms and electricity networks.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Introduction to the concept
    • 2.1 Fragmented society requires cohesive leadership
    • 2.2 Problems in most silos
    • 2.3 National welfare depends on new ways of thinking
  • 3. Early trans-sector projects
    • 3.1 Tele-education
    • 3.2 E-health
    • 3.3 Digital literacy
  • 4. Productivity measure based on a lack of appropriate input - analysis
  • 5. A matter of leadership
    • 5.1 Obama‚Äôs leadership a catalyst for change
    • 5.2 Work in progress: political leadership
    • 5.3 Trans-sector thinking at highest levels in Australia
    • 5.4 Towards trans-sector government
  • 6. We lack the structures to implement trans-sector visions
  • 7. Multiplier effect for the UFB
  • 8. Trans-sector regulation
    • 8.1 Regulations need to be rewritten
    • 8.2 FttH will change telecom models
    • 8.3 Utilities-based regulation
    • 8.4 Taking away blockages
  • 9. Related reports

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Broadband Fixed
Mobile & Wireless Broadband and Media

Number of pages: 9

Status: Archived

Last update: 18 December 2009
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Analyst: Paul Budde

NOTE: This report has been archived

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