New Zealand - Ultra-Fast Broadband Network - Competition and Regulations


The Ultra-Fast Broadband Network (UFB) will change the nature of the telecoms industry. While there will be a transition period where some of the old ways will remain, activities will increasingly move to the new environment. This in itself will see the players begin to realign themselves, and in preparation for the new regime many will start changing their business plans well before that time.

Nevertheless the government has published far-reaching change to the regulatory regime that leaves no doubt that there is no way back to where the incumbent was able to control the regime, creating endless delays and stifling competition. In the end the outcome of the new framework will be aligned with the goals of the UFB and within these dynamics negotiations and discussions are taking place aimed at shaping this new environment.

In this report, we outline regulatory issues where changes could occur bring competition to the market, citing overseas examples such as:

  • trans-sector approaches;
  • structural separation;
  • legislation and the incumbents;
  • Line Company sharing methods.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Regulatory issues
    • 2.1 Structural separation
    • 2.2 Critical considerations
  • 3. Competition models and opportunities
    • 3.1 Trans-sector-based wholesale services
    • 3.2 Retail telcos modelled on media marketing
    • 3.3 Niche markets
    • 3.4 The mobile industry
  • 4. The Ultra-Fast Broadband Network and the case for the Line Companies
    • 4.1 Scenario one – incumbents and legislation
    • 4.2 Scenario two – the case for Line Companies
    • 4.3 Design and operating standards:
    • 4.4 Forward planning issues
    • 4.5 Conclusions
  • 5. Quo vadis?
    • 5.1 Where are you headed, telecoms industry?
    • 5.2 The uncertainty of Telecom’s position
  • 6. Related reports

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