New Zealand - Overview of the 2nd Tier Telcos


This report profiles some of the 2nd tier telcos in the New Zealand market, including CallPlus, M2, WxC, and Southern Cross Cable.

CallPlus provides residential and business customers nationwide with a full range of retail Internet, voice and data services. M2 purchased Black+White and provides fixed-line services, mobile broadband and fixed-line services. Southern Cross Cables provides cable services using a fibre-optic cable loop network linking Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii to the USA.

The major players – Spark New Zealand (rebranded from Telecom New Zealand in August 2014), Kordia, Vodafone New Zealand, Chorus, TelstraClear and 2degrees, are all covered in separate BuddeComm reports at This report provides a brief overview of the major telcos in New Zealand with links to other reports where the companies are profiled separately.

  • Spark New Zealand dominates the market in fixed-line access for both the residential and business sectors and is also one of the two major mobile operators;
  • Vodafone New Zealand being the other major mobile player is also a fixed-line operator, via its 2012 acquisition of TelstraClear;
  • Kordia New Zealand owns one of the largest telecom networks in the country and is the major provider of television and radio broadcast facilities;
  • Chorus is the largest infrastructure company in the New Zealand market and is rolling out the UFB infrastructure in a majority of the districts.

Key developments:

Cable, ADSL, WiFi, fibre, UFB, HSDPA, FttH, FttN, IPTV, HDTV, cloud computing, unbundled exchanges.

Companies covered in this report include:

CallPlus, TelstraClear, M2, Telecom NZ, Southern Cross Cables, Kordia, Vodafone, Black+White, Chorus, Chorus WorldxChange Communications, Orcon, Flip.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. New Zealand’s 2nd tier players squashed
    • 2.1 Analysis of the market
  • 3. CallPlus
    • 3.1 Company information
    • 3.2 Divisions
      • 3.2.1 CallPlus Business
      • 3.2.2 Slingshot
    • 3.3 Operations
    • 3.4 MVNO operations
  • 4. M2 NZ Limited
    • 4.1 Overview
    • 4.2 Black+White
  • 5. Southern Cross Cable Network
    • 5.1 Background information
    • 5.2 Cable speed upgrading timeline
    • 5.3 International access prices falling
    • 5.4 Cable life extended to 2025
    • 5.5 AARNet secures speed upgrades
    • 5.6 Cable extension to Fiji
  • 6. WxC (WorldxChange Communications)
    • 6.1 Company overview
    • 6.2 Network information
  • 7. Chorus Limited (separate report)
  • 8. Kordia – Orcon (separate report)
  • 9. Spark New Zealand (separate report)
  • 10. Telstraclear (separate report)
  • 11. Vodafone New Zealand (separate report)
  • 12. Related reports
  • Table 1 – M2 NZ Limited key financial statistics overview – 2009 - 2011
  • Table 2 – Cost of accessing the protected circuits of the SX cable – 2000 - 2013
  • Exhibit 1 – CallPlus at a glance
  • Exhibit 2 – M2 Telecommunications Group Limited (M2) at a glance
  • Exhibit 3 – Major submarine cable networks landing in Zealand

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Broadband Fixed
Companies (Major Players)
Mobile Communications (voice and infrastructure)
Telecoms Infrastructure

Number of pages: 10

Status: Archived

Last update: 06 January 2015
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Analyst: Henry Lancaster

NOTE: This report has been archived

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