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  • Global Mobile Market - Key Industry Trends and Statistics

    The evolution of mobile services has brought about immense changes to our world, and it promises to be a key to future transformation. The global mobile broadband industry has become an incredible spectacle to observe, from the many competitors vying for position; the amazing apps streaming into the market; the introduction of new devices and a looming spectrum and infrastructure crunch – we finally have a mobile broadband sector worth talking about.

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  • Panama - Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    Panama’s internet and mobile sectors prop up revenue growth Panama’s economic prospects remain promising despite a dip in GDP growth during the last few years. Nevertheless, growth remains high, at above 6% annually, and this has had a positive knock-on effect on the country’s telecom market, which has also grown steadily and attracted considerable investment.

  • Australia - Digital Economy - Financial Services

    Australians are one of the world’s biggest users of online banking. EFT (electronic funds transfer) is very popular in Australia, and the BPAY consortium, owned by Australia’s Big Four banks, is widely used to pay bills.

  • Colombia - Fixed Broadband, Digital Economy and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    Colombia’s broadband penetration is relatively high for the region, though growth in the sector has been hampered by poor fixed-line infrastructure in many departments. The government has launched several initiatives to increase broadband take-up, including Computers for Schooling (which provides refurbished second-hand computers to schools), Compartel (which endeavours to provide every Colombian with access to telephone and internet services), Vive Digital (involving projects that subsidise internet access for schools, low-income households, and rural areas), and the National Fibre Optic Project.

  • Australia - Digital Economy - E-Health - Pilots and Projects

    Progress in e-health developments in Australia remains slow and low key. Unlike the USA for instance, where e-health is driven by health insurance companies and private health care organisations, the developments in Australia largely depend on government initiatives.

  • Australia - Digital Economy - Cyber Crime, Privacy and Copyright issues

    With the internet having become critical national and international infrastructure a whole range of privacy and issues have come to the fore in relation to the digital economy and the digital society. Some of these issues are in relation to national and international security and tens of billions are spent by governments using the internet as a surveillance tool.

  • Ukraine - Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations - Statistics and Analyses

    Ukraine’s telecoms market is supported by a population of almost 46 million. National telecom infrastructure is being modernised through considerable investment in both the mobile and fixed-broadband sectors.

  • Ukraine - Fixed Broadband, Digital Economy and Digital Media - Statistics and Analyses

    Ukraine’s sizeable broadband market enjoys effective cross-platform competition. DSL remains the dominant access platform, though cable is also widely available and there has been considerable investment in FttP and FttB in recent years.

  • Australia - Smart and Connected Transport

    Smart transport systems, or intelligent transport systems, encompass a range of wireless and wired communications-based information technologies that can be integrated into transportation infrastructure and vehicles.

  • Global Digital Economy - E-Commerce and M-Commerce Key Trends and Statistics

    Based on the growth of internet and mobile users alone, it is hardly any wonder that e-commerce and m-commerce are thriving. Despite the economic downturn, online spending is proving resilient and even buoyant in most markets.

  • Australia - National Broadband Network - Developments and Analyses 2016

    By 2016 over a million premises were able to connect to the NBN – so far most of them have access to the original NBN, three-quarters have access to FttH, the remainder to wireless and satellite networks.

  • Australia - Digital Economy - E-Health - Insights, Statistics and Analyses

    E-health is becoming an area from which key killer applications that utilise truly high-speed broadband networks emerge. As the financing of the public health systems in Australia becomes increasingly costly an opportunity exists to lower costs through more effective use of web services for healthcare consumers.

  • Australia - National Broadband Network - Infrastructure Plans and Contracts

    Soon after its inception NBN Co started a pre-tender process that resulted in a list of approved suppliers. The project is divided into relatively large sub-projects. The approved suppliers are basically in charge of those subsections and they are responsible for their own subcontractors and other suppliers that need to be involved in these projects.

  • Australia - National Broadband Network - Policies and Regulations

    The process that led to the NBN began in around 2005 and became a key government policy in 2007. Its visionary aspect attracted the attention of many governments around the world, including the Obama Administration and the European Union.

  • The Australian M2M Market

    With the NBN and LTE now well and truly underway it is important to look at what will be the value of this new infrastructure to the development of a network that will be dominated by sensors and devices.

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