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The digital TV and video streaming industry has changed beyond recognition and it continues to evolve. Consumer habits are shifting from broadcast TV to on-demand content – especially streaming. Traditional TV viewing is increasingly facing competition from other viewing platforms such as smart phones, tablets, and Smart TVs.

Choice is the key. Broadcasters are no longer in charge of the global viewing habits of consumers, who have the choice of, and the ability to access, an enormous amount of movie and TV series content through internet broadband.

Pay TV across the various platforms – including cable TV, IPTV, and satellite TV – continues to rise in popularity, and this trend is reflected in the market’s increasing service revenues. IPTV is the fastest-growing pay TV platform from a global perspective.

This BuddeComm report provides information on the development and general trends in regards to the transformation of broadcasting, Smart TVs (which can also offer IPTV) and the growth of digital broadcasting. The report includes broad global statistics and is designed to provide current observations which may assist investors, analysts and industry participants in making investment and business decisions.

Latest developments:

More and more people are willing to pay for accessing TV content on any device (anywhere access); five countries – China, USA, India, Japan, and Brazil – together account for 56% of the world’s digital TV households; following the case of Aereo, the US regulator may revise its broadcasting regulations so that internet-based TV providers are seen as cable providers; Ultra-HD, also referred to as 4K TV, offers four times more resolution than HDTV, and the market for 4K TV sets and content has started to gather serious pace in 2014.

There is a separate report on video streaming - Digital Media - Video Streaming (Fixed and Mobile Services) Insights

Table of Contents

  • 1. Synopsis
  • 2. Broadcasting changing beyond recognition
    • 2.1 Digital media players connecting smartphones to TVs
      • 2.1.1 Google Chromecast
      • 2.1.2 Brief case study: YouView
    • 2.2 Cloud computing and broadcasting
    • 2.3 Move towards channel unbundling
    • 2.4 Broadcasting is moving to broadband
    • 2.5 The gigabyte household needs FttH access
  • 3. Digital TV
    • 3.1 Digital TV market overview
    • 3.2 Other key trends
  • 4. Pay TV
  • 5. Cable TV
  • 6. HDTV
    • 6.1 HDTV market overview
    • 6.2 Ultra-HD/4K TV
    • 6.3 BitTorrent’s deal with CE manufacturers
    • 6.4 3D TV
  • 7. The Smart or Connected TV
    • 7.1 Introduction
      • 7.1.1 Smart TV threatens broadcasters
      • 7.1.2 Smart TV awareness may increase consumer spend
      • 7.1.3 Waiting for the next generation of Smart TVs
  • 8. Video Streaming (Fixed and Mobile Services) Insights (Separate Report)
  • 9. Related reports
  • Table 1 – Global - digital TV households – 2009 – 2016; 2020
  • Table 2 –Global - digital TV market share – 2006; 2009; 2011 - 2014; 2020
  • Table 3 – Top 10 countries – digital TV households - 2014
  • Table 4 – Pay TV subscribers – 2010 – 2014; 2020
  • Table 5 – Top 10 pay TV countries in Europe – 2014
  • Table 6 – Cable TV subscribers – 2010 – 2014; 2020
  • Table 7 – Global - number of HDTV households – 2009; 2012; 2015; 2017
  • Table 8 – Global – Number of 4K TV households – 2013; 2018
  • Exhibit 1 – Will broadcasting move to the cloud?
  • Exhibit 2 – Set-Top Boxes (STBs)
  • Exhibit 3 – Historical overview - HDTV

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Digital Media

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