BuddeComm's Research Reports

BuddeComm’s research database contains over 2,000 Reports covering 200 countries, 170 companies and 200 technologies. These reports can be purchased online from our secure website in PDF format. We have various purchase options available.

Focus Reports

Focus Reports are the building blocks of our research knowledge, providing targeted information on a country, market or technology, a regional overview or a company profile.

  • The Latest Reports section on our home page delivers the latest Focus Reports as they are published;
  • Browse through our research reports using the links in the 'View Reports by' section which is available on all pages;
  • Search for Focus Reports using the QuickSearch facility;
  • Use the Advanced Search facility to specify further parameters to refine your search.
  • We also advertise 'Reports of the Week' in the Discounts section, which offer focus reports for a significant discount.

Annual Publications

Annual Publications are built by combining all of the relevant Focus Reports on a particular market or region.

  • Annual Publications are also displayed throughout the browsing structure where relevant publications exist.
  • Use the Advanced Search and select Annual Publications in addition to your other criteria.

Purchasing research can be completed online with a credit card using our secure payment facilities either as a member or as a QuickBuy customer. See Costs and Membership for more information.

Research Attributes

Understanding how our reports are classified can assist you to more specifically target the type of research you are seeking. All of our research has been categorised using 3 classes of attribute:

  • Location - specifies which region, country or countries each report relates to. 'Global' is also defined as a location to identify all reports with a global focus.
  • Technology - specifies the technology or technologies relevant to each reporty that each report contains.
  • Report Type - identifies whether a report is an Annual Publication or a Focus Report.

Research Methodology

BuddeComm's strategic business reports contain a combination of both primary and secondary research statistics, analyses written by our senior analysts supported by a network of experts, industry contacts and researchers from around the world as well as our own scenario forecasts.

For more information on our research methodology including: sources, parameters and approach to forecasting, please see: BuddeComm's Research Methodology

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